Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Day in the Longji Terraces

   It is known that Longji Terraces is famous for its tremendous formation, flowing fluent lines, charming of variation and unique folk culture.In the autumn, we could see the yellow rice that makes the terraces like a golden sea.

   My colleagues and I went to the Longji Terraced Fields in Ping’an Zhuang Village in late October. But it was too late to see the golden sea. The weather is cloudy. The paddy fields have been harvested. But, we climbed to the fields top that we discovered the unusual, cloud-covered Longji. We could see the seven stars with the moon, counting the star one by one.Could you see the moon? The middle one with water is. 

   We had lunch in the Ping’an Hotel. The food are all local dishes. The bamboo-tube-cooked rice is very delicious and especial. It is worthy tasting.

   I had hoped to live in the village for a night. If living in the Longji Star-Wish Resort, I wanted to say my wish to the star and watch the cloud dance on the balcony. I hope that my wish could come true in next summer.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paintings on Rocks

Some of the lovely gifts we purchased lately 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

China Highlights Operation Team's Dream Board

I got an idea from a training -  make a dream board for my team. 

The staff wrote their wishes or a certain thing they want, then hung it on the board, and i hope all wishes and dreams can come true someday. 


Here are our wishes

and check it out what it is by your phone?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The summer in Guilin

I don't like summer. There are several reasons. It is very hot in Guilin during that period, I sweat frequently and set off an uncomfortable smell. It is easy to be found by the mosquitoes, they bite me and it makes me itchy. I am browned easily by the strong sunlight even though I used sunscreen cream. I still feel so hot while I turn on the electric fan.
I also like summer as I can taste many kinds of fresh fruits. This is a good opportunity to eat fruit which we can't eat in other seasons. Besides apples and pears, I can eat grapes, watermelons, passion fruit, longan, lichi, Chinese wampee fruit, and so on. When I think of them, I start drooling.
My father planted passion fruit and shaddock tree in our garden two year ago, we have a harvest every year. Now the passion fruit become ripe. I think It is more delicious than the ones are sold in market. In October we can eat the shaddocks.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Northern Xinjiang Trip in June

It's an inspection trip, invited by Xinjiang Tourism Bureau. Our destination was the northern of Xinjiang Area. There is a saying: "You never know how large of Xinjiang, unless you have been there". It's actually a tough trip, because you have to stay in the bus for 5-6 hours (400+ KM) every day.
However, do not always sleep on the bus, I hope you could enjoy the scenery along the way, rather that expecting the attractions. In my opinion, what you can see along the way more than in tourist attractions. see more my interesting trip

Friday, July 19, 2013

Trekking along Longhu Canyon

Longhu Canyon is one of the best trekking routes in Guilin. We did a one day trekking yesterday to the most popular part from Xianren Bridge to Yangguan village. It is 7 km long and spent us 6 hours for the hiking. But it worth the time because of the fascinating view on the way. We took the bus from Guilin station to Xingan county and then rent a mini-bus to Longhu Canyon , the entrance of the Longhu Canyon.  After the trekking in the Canyon, we went through several viilages before we get back to the road for bus back to Guilin. See what we appreciated from the trekking through the following photos:

This blog is written by Simon Huang.

China History Discovery Tour – Henan Province

The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Army, are they all you can imagine about the ancient buildings and historic places in China? Henan Province, where many ancient cities and historic relics locate, is definitely a destination of a tour of China history discovery.

Romantic Sunset in Guilin

Teeming with fabulous natural scenery, Guilin is a perfect place to stay and relax. Surrounded by mountains, Guilin has many scenic spots in the city center, where you can take amazing pictures of the romantic sunset and seasonal beauty.

The picture below is taken in July.

Elegant Lotus, Beautiful West Lake, and Quiet Hangzhou

When and where to see flowers in summer in China? Hangzhou is one of the ideal places, where you can see ocean of lotus on the beautiful West Lake. Nothing is cooler than cruising on the West Lake!

Heavy Rain hit Kunming, China last night

Kunming China, received heavy rain last night, half of the city is in water. Our local operator in Kunming found no way to get to the office this morning and has to work at home. Many families on the first floor, cars and streets are totally in water, rescue team are busy transferring and relocating people to safe places. May God bless lives there. Candy from China Highlights reports.